A note on Death

Today I awoke to find our pet rabbit, Milk, had died. We have been very busy trying to get a new house together, integrating 2 new babies into the house and generally trying not to lose our mind in the process. I immediately felt guilt. I couldn’t help but wonder: If I had paid more attention and noticed the signs, would she have remained living? Did I forget to feed her yesterday and in turn, she starved? Was she too cold in the night and froze to death? Is there something I could have done to prevent her death? All of these things might have prevented her passing, yes. But death is finality and all of the questions in the world cannot erase it. So I made the choice to turn the inquiry slightly: What needed to die within me? What was this a reflection of? What are the things I need to allow to pass on?

Death is everywhere. In every moment, something around you is dying. Whether the death is symbolic or takes place on the physical plane, it is just as natural of a process as living. One cannot exist without the other. Life and death can provoke some of the same emotions: fear, sadness, longing, awe, grief, nostalgia.

To live is to die a little in every moment and to experience death is an opportunity to live a little more.



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