Notes for my Children

Having a baby means a lot of time to think. I get to look at her and think about how beautiful she is. I wax on how she will see the world, how her personality will develop and what her challenges will be in life. As beautiful as this world is, it is not free from challenges. Motherhood has taught me in a visceral form that challenges, when accepted, lead to rapid growth.  I’ve been reflecting back on what my lessons have been and how to pass nuggets of wisdom down while still allowing her plenty of space to figure it out on her own. I’m still unsure on how to do this and suspect the opportunity will come in a moment. Perhaps right now, I’ll record “Notes for my Children” here as a running compendium of information that seems important to note but has no practical use currently.

  1. Never compare another beings struggle to your own. It is possible they are learning a lesson you’ve already tackled, with which they may need your compassion and support. It could be they are paving the road you’ll travel on later, leaving markers or points you can follow. Either way, they’ll need your compassion and understanding for the things you may not yet understand. Accepting life’s challenges is like coming to a door, it doesn’t matter who arrived there first just that we hold the door open for others if we can.


To be continued…


Jordan Ashley Hocker


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