A note on Death

Today I awoke to find our pet rabbit, Milk, had died. We have been very busy trying to get a new house together, integrating 2 new babies into the house and generally trying not to lose our mind in the process. I immediately felt guilt. I couldn’t help but wonder: If I had paid more attention […]

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A note on Emotions

Emotions are entirely valid and entirely irrational in the same breath. Every emotion you feel is right, none of them are wrong. Some of them are more pleasant to feel than others. You cannot approach them with logic nor can you ignore them. Think of emotions more like flags that pop up when something is […]

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A note on Leaving.

People leave. Some forever, some for a short while and some people leave only to come back again and again. Some leave with notice and some leave very abruptly. There isn’t much to do about this fact. The only thing to do is recognize a person in the present moments you are together. Say the […]

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Notes for my Children

Having a baby means a lot of time to think. I get to look at her and think about how beautiful she is. I wax on how she will see the world, how her personality will develop and what her challenges will be in life. As beautiful as this world is, it is not free […]

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The Village (Pt. 1)

The Village (Pt. 1) It is easy to look at the past and wax nostalgic on the good things, pushing to the side the things that weren’t working, particularly when you’ve a brain crammed full of all the feel inducing hormones.  Often those things are what ultimately inspired movement away from one space into another.  […]

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It was only seven months ago that I wasn’t keeping my head above water. On the surface, it appeared that I was. I lived in a house with amazing like-minded people who were artists; each had a heart of gold and passions for sustainable living. When the season was on, there was never a shortage […]

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